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US Election; Biden just six votes away from victory

As the vote count for the US presidential election progressing, there is a tight competition between Democrats and Republicans. Democratic candidate Joe Biden's victory is just six votes away. According to the latest report, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has won 264 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to declare victory, strengthening his lead with wins in Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday.  Republican candidate and current president Donald Trump has 214 votes after gaining one vote in Maine. To be elected as the president 270 electoral votes are needed.

Among the volatile states, the result in Georgia is the most decisive. With 98 percent of the vote counted, Trump is now leading with more than 23,000 votes. Biden reduced the lead from 23,000 to 23,000, up from 38,000 earlier. Two percent more votes are to be counted here. In Georgia, where there Biden camp is expected to be overthrown 16 electoral votes. However, Biden has the only lead in Nevada, where the vote count is currently underway. There are six electoral votes from here. Even if he wins in Nevada, Biden could still be president of the United States. But after 75 per cent of the votes have been counted, the difference is only about 8,000 votes.

Trump dominates the volatile states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In North Carolina, with 94 percent of the vote, Trump has a lead of more than 77,000. At 89 percent, Trump has a lead of more than 1.65 million votes.

The Associated Press and several other news organizations have called Arizona (with its 11 electoral college votes) for Biden on Wednesday, although other outlets, including NBC, have refrained from doing so. The Guardian relies on the AP to call states. While Biden’s lead in Arizona narrowed slightly on Wednesday night , at 2 am ET on Thursday, with 86% of the estimated votes counted, he held 50.7% of the votes.

Although Joe Biden dominated when the vote count for the US presidential election began, Donald Trump retaliated strongly. He dominated the decisive state of Florida. The winners in Florida have won the US presidential election in the last half century. The only exception to this was the election of 1992.

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