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Thousands Sounded in Support of Samuel Paty, the Beheaded Teacher in France


Sounds are raised in support with Samuel Paty, the teacher beheaded after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a lesson to his pupils.

Rallies are being held across France andde la République in Paris filled with people rallying in support of Mr Paty.

The slogan "Je suis enseignant" (I am a teacher), with PM Jean Castex saying: "We are France!", echoed in Paris.

Samuel Paty, a History teacher had beheaded by a man wielding a large knife  in a street in an area called Conflans-Sainte-Honorin. The attacker then ran off, but local police alerted by the public were quickly at the scene.

The man named as Abdoulakh A was shot dead by police on Friday after killing Mr Paty close to his school near Paris. Anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard said that the suspect, who lived in the Normandy town of Évreux, about 100km (60 miles) from the murder scene, went to Mr Paty's school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on Friday afternoon and asked students to point out the teacher.

An 11th person has been arrested as part of the investigation.

No details have been given about the arrest. Four close relatives of the suspect were detained shortly after the killing. Six more people were held on Saturday, including the father of a pupil at the school and a preacher described by French media as a radical Islamist.

Thousands of people also gathered in Place Bellecour in Lyon to pay their respects, with another large turnout in Nantes.

Demonstrations are also being held in Toulouse, Strasbourg, Marseille, Bordeaux and elsewhere.

A minute's silence was followed by the playing of the Marseillaise. All the protesters were wearing masks to protect from coronavirus.

In Lille, people carried banners and placards with the simple words "I am Samuel".

On Saturday, Tareq Oubrou, imam of a mosque in Bordeaux, told France Inter: "A civilisation does not kill an innocent person, barbarism does."

There will be a national tribute paid to Mr Paty, 47, on Wednesday.

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