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Oxford University Develops a Rapid '5 Minutes' COVID 19 Test

Long waiting of the test result will step back in front of new invention of Oxford University. The university has developed a test kit for Covid 19 that can get the results in five minutes.

The Oxford University team behind the device hope it will be ready to be out nationwide in the middle of next year.

The device works using a nasal swab that is inserted into a cartridge that scans for antigens, or proteins found on the surface of Covid-19.  

“Our method quickly detects intact virus particles,” said Professor Achilles Kapanidis, at Oxford’s Department of Physics, adding that this meant the test would be “simple, extremely rapid, and cost-effective”.

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The test can also tell the virus apart from other infections such as flu and seasonal human coronaviruses, according to a small study of its efficacy.

The university said the kit would help conduct large-scale Covid inspections at airports and shopping malls.

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