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An Asteroid Bigger than Boeing-747 to Collide with Earth on October 7; NASA Warns

An asteroid bigger than a Boeing-747 jet is due to collide with Earth’s orbit on Wednesday, October 7, NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Objects has warned.

According to asteroid monitoring center of NASA, the asteroid named 2020 RK2 is expected to cross the Earth's orbit but it will be about 2,380,000 miles away from our planet. 

NASA said that the asteroid is around 118 to 265 foot wide and it is moving at a speed of 6.68 kilometers per second. Which is equal to 14,942 miles per hour and is estimated to range from 36m to 81 m in diameter, 

 NASA said that 2020 RK2 may cross the the Earth at a great distance and it is highly unlikely that sky-watchers would be able to spot the celestial body from the Earth. 

Based on the estimated size, the space rock can be bigger than the wingspan of a Boeing-747 8 series aeroplane that is 68.5m wide.

However NASA expressed hope that the asteroid would not cause any damage. It is classified as an “Apollo asteroid” which means, it will fly by Earth’s orbit safely and without any disturbance.

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