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After Nice, Saudi Man Arrested in Jeddah for Stabbing a Guard at French Consulate


Saudi Arabian police have arrested the suspect outside the French consulate in Jeddah after allegedly stabbed a guard at the French consulate, state media reported on Thursday. The man reportedly used a sharp tool to stab the guard.

The attack was reported within hours of the killing of three people and injuring of several others in a church in Nice.

The French embassy in Riyadh released a statement confirming the incident. “The French consulate general in Jeddah this morning was subjected to a knife stabbing incident targeting a security guard – an employee of a private security company – and immediately the Saudi security forces arrested the perpetrator,” it said. “The security guard was taken to a hospital, and his health condition remains stable.

“The embassy of France strongly condemns this vicious attack against a diplomatic facility,” the statement read, adding that the embassy “affirms its full support for the victim and expresses its confidence in the Saudi authorities to uncover the circumstances of the accident and ensure the security of French facilities and the French community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

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