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Woman who Send a "Poisonous Letter" to Trump Arrested at Border

 A woman has been arrested at the New York-Canada border in connection with an incident of sending a letter addressed to President Donald Trump found to contain the lethal poison ricin , according to US law enforcement officials. 

She was arrested by  by US Customs and Border Protection officers as she tried to enter the US from Canada at a border crossing in New York state on Sunday. Authorities have not released the name or other details of the arrested woman. Preliminary investigation revealed that the deadly ricin was sent from Canada. At the same time, the investigation team has not released any information, including whether the arrested woman sent the cover.

The letter was intercepted before reaching the White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on Saturday.

A security check on the cover of President Donald Trump's address at the White House last week revealed the presence of the deadly poisonous ricin. Earlier it was found that the cover came from Canada. The FBI and the Postal Inspection Service are working with agencies in Canada to find out where and from whom. Checks will be made including previously sent posts from the stolen address.

The deadly ricin is making by the extraction of the flesh of the castor bean. 1.78 mg of poison is enough to kill an adult. Georgian Markov, a rebel writer from Bulgaria, was assassinated in London by spies who stabbed him in the leg with an umbrella-shaped weapon filled with raisins, a ball-sized metal sphere. Markov died four days later.

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