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Why this Level 4 Transmission Risk to UK---A Fact Check

UK is becoming more worse by the hit of coronavirus as warning emerges in the daily doubling cases threats the people. If that rate continues to grow unabated, "by mid-October you would end up with something like 50,000 per day," which "could lead to 200 deaths a day" by November, the country's chief scientific advisor, Patrick Vallance warned at a Monday press briefing.

On Monday a number of 4,368 daily cases were reported, 11 people have also died within 28 days of a positive test.

Rates of infection in England are replicating the strong resurgence of Covid-19 seen in France and Spain, roughly doubling every seven days, government chief medical officer Chris Whitty said.

"We are seeing a rate of increase across the great majority of the country," he told a media briefing, urging the public to respect stricter guidelines on social distancing after widely shared pictures of young revellers out in British cities.

"This is not someone else's problem. It's all of our problem."

The Joint Biosecurity Centre has recommended the Covid-19 alert level for the UK be increased to Level 4, meaning transmission of the virus is "high or rising exponentially", the UK's chief medical officers have said.

After a summer , the government urged the public to frequent pubs and restaurants as cases have been rising rapidly to reach some 6,000 daily, according to one survey by government statisticians.

So the main reason of the surge can be related as the climate change. Now is the transformation of the summer to winter is taking place and we know the virus survives most in the cold. The colder weather encourages indoor gatherings rather than those in the open air, where transmission of the virus is less likely.

Another facts of the increasing rate in the covid cases, not only in UK but also in the entire countries are the emerging fearlessness as the recoveries on the scene. If test positive many can and could survive the illness, a number of survivals of rare cases too happened. Even all this spreading a positive vibe it's dreaded face is the ignorance of the deadly virus.

This ignorance breaks out from the fearlessness, people are in grounds without taking any safety measures as guided by Government and health officials, no masks, no social distance. The dangerous underlying fact of this move is that we deliberately spreading virus to the innocent people too. The guidelines are for both our safety and the others we interacting with, not a restriction to our freedom. So anti lock down protests are void shows.

“The first line of defence has always been all of us playing our part, remembering hands, face and space, the rule of six and self-isolation of those who risk passing on the virus," Bitish Health Minister Matt Hancock said.

On Saturday anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police in London's Trafalgar Square . Thirty-two people were arrested for violent disorder, public order and assault on an emergency worker and two officers suffered minor injuries, according to the Metropolitan Police. "The amount of hostility shown towards officers, who were simply there to keep people safe, is unacceptable," said Superintendent Emma Richards.

The surge also pointing to the blind attitude of government for not having a good enough testing regime, meaning that local and health authorities were acting blindly as they tried to protect those most vulnerable.

Remember , almost 42,000 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 have died in Britain, the worst from the pandemic in Europe.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday told reporters that the UK is "now seeing a second wave coming in" and that it was "inevitable."

"Obviously we're looking very carefully at the spread of the pandemic as it evolves over the last few days," Johnson said. "There's no question, as I've said for weeks now, that we could (and) are now seeing a second wave coming in. We are seeing it in France, in Spain, across Europe. It has been absolutely inevitable we will see it in this country.

 Matt Hancock said Sunday that the country was "at a tipping point" following a new rise in cases on Saturday, when Britain registered 4,422 new cases, the highest number since early May.

"People must follow the rules and if they don't, we will bring in this much more stringent measures," Matt Hancock said in a BBC interview. When asked about re-imposing a second national lockdown, the minister said: "I don't rule it out. I don't want to see it.".

People in England who refuse to self-isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus could face fines of up to £10,000 ($13,000, 11,000 euros) under tough new regulations.

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