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Twitter's New Edit Option; But Company Says it's a Bug

Twitter's New Edit Option; But Company Says it's a Bug

An EDIT button in Twitter is a most wanted thing to the users and they are requesting for that button since years. Majority feel its like a missing feature in the Twitter, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the company would “probably never” introduce one. 

But recently a way to work this have found as it can somewhat cop with the users' request, a way to edit tweets through tweet replies. But the option turned out to be a bug.

This is not a real edit button, but it's just close to an edit button. The working method can be seen as demonstrated by The Verge’s Tom Warren, this feature works when you delete a reply to a tweet and try to reply again. If you hit the reply button again, Twitter will show you the first reply which you can edit and publish. This may or may not be helpful but it shows a glimmer of hope that Twitter could be testing a way for users to edit tweets.

But Liz Kelly from Twitter’s communication team responded to Warren’s tweet saying that there’s no test for such a feature and it’s actually a bug. She added that Twitter is looking into this and working on a fix. So for anyone who got excited that an edit button may actually happen, sorry but it’s not, at least for now.

The company even teased its users this July saying that an edit button will be introduced when everyone wears a mask.

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