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Trump wouldn't Ready for a Peaceful Transfer of Power, if He Loses to Biden

President Donald Trump has hinted that a peaceful transfer of power is unlikely if he loses to Joe Biden in the US election in November. Trump, who has been a vocal critic of the election process for the past few days, spoke to reporters Wednesday in a non-partisan manner. Trump's response was to wait and see what happens.

Trump, who is currently trailing in the election against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, continues his daily criticism of the electoral system. His main allegation is against mail ballots. Trump says mail ballots may have been used more during the Covid era and are not transparent. Trump said mail ballots could be a big scam, but that Democrats are encouraging them to do so and that this is an obstacle to a democratic election. But there is no evidence that ballots sent through the postal service caused significant fraud in the US election.

If the number of mail ballots is large, he will remain in power in this case, regardless of the outcome of the election. Power will be transferred peacefully if ballots are omitted. Otherwise it will not happen. You can see the continuation of power, ”Trump told the media.

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