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Police Seized 10 Guns from Ex Trump Campaign Manager's Home

Fort Lauderdale police seized 10 guns from the home of President Donald Trump's former reelection campaign manager Brad Parscale's Fort Lauderdale, Florida, home. 

Parscale had accused by his wife of making suicidal comments about shooting himself in recent days, his wife Candice told police before they took him into custody under the Baker Act at his Fort Lauderdale home Sunday.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that police confiscated 10 firearms from Parscale’s home, including multiple pistols, a shotgun and a rifle.

Officers also reported that wife Candice had bruises on her arms and face, but that she told them the dispute were allegedly caused by Brad Parscale but from earlier in the week, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

 On Sunday afternoon, Candice Parscale called 911 and reported that her husband possibly shot himself in a suicide attempt at their home on Desota Drive in the upscale Seven Isles neighborhood.

Officers say they were first called to the Parscale home around 3:36 p.m. Sunday , while they arrived she was with her neighbour lady in a parked car outside their home. Candice said to police that the incident began as a domestic dispute between the couple, with Brad Parscale allegedly loading a round into a pistol during an argument. She fled to the neighbor's home and she heard the sound of gunshot while leaving her home..

Officers also wrote in their reports that Parscale’s wife told them he had post-traumatic stress disorder and had become violent in recent weeks. Candice Parscale, 41, showed them bruises on her arms from an argument two days prior, they said. Police say they took photos of injuries.

Parscale was demoted following underwhelming attendance at Trump’s now-infamous Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally in June.

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