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Pantanal is Burning; Fire is now 1.7 Million Hectares; Many Departure; Many Animals Died some Left Injured

Animals lose their lives due to fire-- some injured

Pantanal in Brazil is under fire trouble. The fire that has already consumed 1.7 million hectares. The fires that affect Burnings and health problems motivated the departure of 200 riverside dwellers from their homes in the Pantanal.  Many wild animals have injured.Animals need assistance and medicine.

Brazil's forests have been burning since the beginning of the year. Firefighters across Brazil are battling raging towers of flames from the Amazon to the Cerrado savannah, but the fires beneath their feet are a particular challenge in the Pantanal. The only way to combat an underground fires is to dig a trench around it, said a firefighter,  Lieutenant Isaac Wihby.

The Pantanal, whose name derives from the Portuguese word for “swamp,” sprawls over more than 150,000 sq km in Brazil and also extends into Bolivia and Paraguay. The Pantanal is the largest tropical humid area in the world, considered a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

There are thousands of wild animals found charred or with burned body parts: snakes, lizards, tortoises, alligators, anteaters, monkeys and so many other species that inhabit the Pantanal.

Tapirs, for example, called "forest gardeners" because they are an important seed disperser in the ecosystems where they live, are slow animals and have great difficulty in escaping the flames.

Already more agile animals like the jaguar, despite being able to escape the fire more easily, have their paws burned, inhale the smoke and have their entire habitat destroyed, not finding food or dormitory anymore.

Destroyed plantations, low fishing production and breathing problems caused by smoke affect residents of several Pantanal communities. he Pantanal are devastating the São Francisco do Perigara farm, one of the largest sanctuaries of blue macaws in the world, home to 15% of the free population of the species, which is threatened with extinction.

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