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Massive Fire in Holy Makkah City in Saudi Arabia; Civil Defense Team Battling with Fire

Civil Defense teams are battling with the massive fire broke out early Wednesday morning continues to blaze on Jabal Amad in the Taif governorate in Makkah region in Saudi Arabia.

According to the new report of Saudi Radio 80% of the fire have been contained.

A video posted by Makkah region authority shows the flames covering a big area of the mountain.

The residents are evacuated by Civil Defence teams and makes them aware of stay away from fire sites. The dry woods and the strong winds in the area spreading the fire rapidly.

An image from Saudi Civil Defense Team

According to a statement tweeted, Saudi Civil Defense teams are battling continuously to extinguish the wildfire that spread rapidly due to strong winds and dry woods in the area.

Media reports also stated that large areas of governorate’s agricultural land was destroyed in the massive fire.

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