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Listed Kenosha Shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse as Hero of Modern Age; Texas School under Fire

A Texas school is on fire after one of its teacher's assignments listed Kyle Rittenhouse, the killer of two in Kenosha as a "hero for the modern age."

Rittenhouse, the 17- year-old teenager facing murder charges after he allegedly killed two rioters and fatally wounded one in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Aug. 25 during ongoing protests on the shooting of Jacob Blake.

His lawyer, John Pierce, said Rittenhouse acted in self-defense during the riots.

According to Newsweek, students at W.T. White High School in Dallas were directed to complete the assignment, which named Rittenhouse — alongside people such as César Chávez, George Floyd, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Joseph D. Rosenbaum, one of the people Rittenhouse purportedly killed — as subjects of an assignment titled "Hero for the Modern Age."

The assignement goes in two parts. In part 1 the students have to choose a "hero" from the list and write a half-page biography about the subject and the second aprt of the assignment directed students to write a page-long essay on the individual from the list who best demonstrates their "concept of a hero.

Huge criticism flared after the name of Rittenhouse in the list of great heroes.

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