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India's Highest Numbered Covid State Maharashtra is on Alert of Deadly 'Congo Fever'

Congo fever is spreading in Maharashtra state in India, amid battling to the Covid 19 pandemic. The Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), commonly known as the Congo fever, spreads in humans through ticks.

 The district health ministry said the outbreak was most likely in Palghar district in Maharashtra. Congo fever is a disease transmitted to humans by ticks. Infectious ticks are found in cattle and other animals. Therefore, meat sellers and cattle breeders and animal husbandry officials, are advised to take precautions as there is no specific and useful treatment for the CCHF.

"This viral disease is transmitted from one animal to another by a specific type of tick...the disease is transmitted to humans through contact with the blood of infected animals and by eating the meat of infected animals," the circular said.

"If the disease is not diagnosed and treated in time, 30 per cent of patients die," it said.

Congo fever is another disease for which there is no effective vaccine available, such as Covid 19. The warning says there is no other way but to take precautions. Maharashtra has the highest number of Covid patients in the country. Meanwhile, Congo fever has also gripped the state. The disease is more likely to spread to states bordering Gujarat. 

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