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''I'm the only one Kim Smiles with'' Says Trump; New Excerpts of Woodward with Unrevealed Secrets Yet

The secrets are unravel one by one. Huge criticism had broke out after first secret from the journalist Bob Woodward's book Rage revealed as President Trump knew about the danger deadly virus and he kept silent inorder to not make people panic.

The another secret revvealed as the excerpts provide new details about Trump's relation to North Korea's Kim Jong Un, which may lead racial unrest among the world. In new excerpts President Trump saying that Kim tells him everything even the fact that how Kim killed his Uncle.

Trump made the claim during a series of interviews for Woodward’s upcoming book, excerpts of which were published Wednesday by the broadsheet.

Some of the other topics covered in the book, which was based on 18 interviews that Woodward conducted with Trump between December and July and with others (excerpts from the book were reported by The Washington Post, where Woodward is an editor, and CNN):

Woodward wrote that Trump said he was impressed with Kim when he first met the North Korean leader in Singapore in 2018 and that Kim was “far beyond smart.” Trump also said that Kim “tells me everything” and even gave the president a graphic account of how Kim had his own uncle killed.

Kim reportedly wrote in one letter of “that moment of history when I firmly held Your Excellency’s hand at the beautiful and sacred location as the whole world watched with great interest and hope to relive the honor of that day.”

Trump went on to tell Woodward, “He never smiled before. I’m the only one he smiles with.”

Kim welcomed Trump’s attention, calling the president “your excellency” in a letter. Kim wrote to Trump that he believed the “deep and special friendship between us will work as a magical force.”

As he engaged in nuclear arms talks with Kim, Trump dismissed intelligence officials’ assessments that North Korea would never give up its nuclear weapons. Trump told Woodward that the CIA has “no idea” how to handle Pyongyang.

Trump also dismissed criticism about his three meetings with Kim, claiming the summits were no big deal. Critics said that by meeting Kim, Trump provided the North Korean leader with legitimacy on the world stage.

“It takes me two days. I met. I gave up nothing,” said the president, who likened North Korea’s attachment to its nuclear arsenal to somebody who is in love with a house and “they just can’t sell it.”

“We’re going to get ready to send in the military slash National Guard to some of these poor bastards that don’t know what they’re doing, these poor radical lefts,” Trump told Woodward, who recorded Trump.

Later that month, Woodward asked the president if, as a white man, he had a responsibility to better “understand the anger and pain” felt by Black Americans.

“No,” Trump replied. “I don’t feel that at all.”

As Woodward pressed Trump about discrimination and inequalities suffered by Black people over the years, the president pointed to how the unemployment rate for Black Americans fell before the pandemic.

Trump dismissed critics who said that the sitdowns only served to give the iron-fisted dictator the legitimacy he so craves.

“I met. Big f–king deal,” Trump told Woodward. “It takes me two days. I met. I gave up nothing.”

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