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Hong Kong Protest: Wide Anger after Police Tackle a 12 Year Old Girl; Video Goes Viral

Fresh protests against Hong Kong police after a footage of officers tackling a 12-year-old girl to the ground near a pro-democracy protest went viral. 

Police are blocking the protests after showed anger by protesters over the postponement of elections and national security law imposed by China.

The video shows girl, whom local media are only identifying as "Pamela" to protect her identity, was running away as  two police officers approaching the girl in the Mong Kok area and telling her to stand still.

The girl starts running - and one officer taps her with his baton while another runs towards her and tackles her to the ground.

More riot police emerge, holding the girl and her brother, who had tried to help her, on the ground. Other officers tell journalists and bystanders - many of whom appear outraged at the police action - to stand back.

The Hong Kong Police have issued a statement (see below) claiming this 12 year old girl buying crayons “fled immediately”, “looked suspicious”, & that the officers who viciously tackled, kicked & pinned her down used “the minimum force necessary”.

The girl's family say she was simply out to buy school supplies and became scared when confronted by police.

Nearly 300 people were arrested at Sunday's unauthorised demonstration.

The elections were to have taken place Sunday but Chief Executive Carrie Lam on July 31 postponed them for one year. Lam blamed an upsurge in coronavirus cases, but critics said her government worried the opposition would gain seats if voting went ahead on schedule.

 Police fired rounds of pepper balls at protesters in Hong Kong after hundreds flee to streets to demonstrate against the postponement of legislative elections and a new national security law imposed by China on Sunday.  They also firing pepper balls to the bystanders, reporters and first-aiders .

The protests were over the government's decision to postpone elections to Hong Kong's parliament by a year. The government said this was necessary amid the coronavirus pandemic, but activists said the government was using the outbreak as a pretext to stop people from voting.

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