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Glass, Shady, Boysen Fires- Evacuations are Underway in Santa Rosa

A house burning in Shady fire

 In Napa County, the Glass Fire rapidly scorched at least 2,500 acres and is zero percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

Meanwhile, other two blazes namely, the Shady Fire and the Boysen Fire, have started near the Glass Fire have forced to fresh evacuation orders and warnings were issued for an area straddling the Napa-Sonoma County border northeast of Santa Rosa by the new fires.

The Shady Fire and Boysen Fires started just west of St. Helena and are believed to be spot fires of the Glass Fire. The entire city of Calistoga is under and an evacuation advisory, residents are advised to be prepared to leave if necessary.

Overnight, the Shady Fire crept towards Santa Rosa and is pushing right up against Highway 12 -- that's the road that countless evacuees are using to escape. Several homes have burned in the Skyhawk subdivision area in Santa Rosa. 

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office also said "there are multiple fires on Los Alamos Road and St Helena Road which prompted other evacuation orders.  The sheriff's office said they are "fast-moving." A complete list of the sheriff's office evacuation orders are here.

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