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Fast Industrialization of Health and Fitness by COVID 19; Top 10 Health& Fitness Apps 2020

Technologies occupied in each sections of our lives, even the health and fitness area also became high tech nowadays. Everyone is more concern on themselves as the current fast lifestyles overwhelm and then turning to the ultimate solution as to return to the fitness guides to save themselves.

The alteration of the world is more or less due to the advancements in mobile devices, apps and technologies as their role  in one's life is beyond imaginary. The works are shortened much and the burdens are relieved a lot after a new guide mobile phones became in frontline. Everybody began to schedule their lives and routines as per the instructions done by new mobile apps. 

Industrialization of the health and fitness structure is the current ongoing procedure. One could himself became his mentor or guider of his entire body mechanisms if you have a mobile or a wearable gadgets with a perfect fitness app. Approaching a medic or a trainer in order to guidelines are became void as health and Fitness apps are in place.The situation have transformed as in order to cut calories one should posses a health and fitness app. The overall performance you have done in the maintenance of  all of your body can be determined by a single app now.

The food you have to eat and the amount of nutrition it's have, and a recipe importation on the food level and the measurement of your workouts and how much you walked a day all can be count through these fitness trackers. Fitness trackers have even been integrated into business models for fitness centers and classes. Popular workout chain Orange Theory highly recommends class attendees wear a heart monitor while participating in their classes. A screen on the monitor displays your name, heart rate, percentage of your max heart rate, and calories burned so you can easily track your progress and levels.

Pandemic and Evolution of Health and Fitness 

The online evolution of health and fitness became a major part as the COVID 19 pandemic led to the closure of many health and fitness centers and people began to adopt the existing available systems.

Pandemic quarantine and restrictions led to spent more time of people in their own inhabitants and people began to train themselves with the aid of the online fitness apps. A fitness app is a complete guide to give us the necessary steps to build a fit body. A quick search in the app store shows endless class options for yoga, HIIT workouts, dance cardio, and other guided ways to exercise.

The demand of more friendly apps led to the more investments in markets for new startups and the invention of new more friendly apps opened a wide way to the industrialization of the health and fitness apps.

“New data from app marketing platform Adjust shows that in addition to the New Year’s Resolution trend of increased installs in early January, COVID-19 lockdowns drew users to health and fitness apps even more, upending the traditional fading of new years’ resolutions.”

The graphic uses data from MoEngage to highlight the growth in home fitness apps across five different regions, representing 1.5 billion mobile app users. Note that the report uses data from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, so China was not included.

As with downloads, India saw the largest increase in DAUs with an 84% increase, or 12 million new users. MENA saw the second-highest growth (which also aligns with downloads) at 28%.

In contrast, the Americas saw the smallest increase at just 8%—but this also may be a function of having more users to start with. Despite the lower growth rate than other regions, those who did adopt fitness apps in the Americas seemed to enjoy them, particularly in the United States.

According to a mid-year survey by OnePoll, 74% of Americans used at least one fitness app during quarantine, and 60% enjoyed their home workouts so much, they now plan on canceling their gym membership for good.

 eMarketer anticipates that the number of health and fitness app users will stay above 84 million through 2022. 

The global Fitness App market is forecast to reach USD 14.64 Billion by 2027, according to a new report by Reports and Data. 

The growing investment in health startups has gained momentum, which has further augmented the demand for the market. The more friendly apps became more on demand in market and new modulations are inventing by new comers. A total of USD 7.5 billion was invested into various start-ups, attempting to digitalize the healthcare system of the U.S. The statistics from various health and fitness app shows that users are loyal to their favorite apps. 

The health and Fitness apps are now available on smart phones as well as smart watches. Here is some of the apps:

For Smart Phones

MyPlate Calorie Counter:

My Plate Calorie Counter is mainly designed for the weight lose theme. Its work same as My Fitness Pal except when you sign up and set all your personal data, the app won’t ask for your fitness goal, just for your target weight.


MyFitnessPal (MFP) helps you keep track of your daily food and beverage intake, calculating all your nutrients, calories, and vitamins for you. This enables you to analyze patterns and find out what your diet is missing or where you need to cut back a little. MyFitnessPal integrates with over 50 apps, which you should take advantage of to ensure that you don’t just get a one-sided picture of your health & fitness progress.

8 Fit:

8 Fit is very well constructed to favor your physical well being, with a 5 to 20 minutes sessions can adopt by everyone. It providing tailored guidance, custom workouts and meal plans in an easy way to use the app. Designed to meet users at all levels of fitness, 8fit is the perfect companion for anyone on the path to achieving personal well-being.

Nike+ Run Club:

A good running app timely providing the stats of you. Display data like pace, distance, elevation, GPS route, heart rate, and mile splits. It integrates seamlessly with Apple Music and Spotify. You can create your own training plan and have access to more than 10 audio-guided run.

Running for Weight Loss:

As the name suggests its made for weight loss through run.  It contain healthy recipes and meal plans, besides your running and progress stats, it offers over 1,000 workout music mixes. A mix of exercise  plus healthy food provider.

Johnson& Johnson HIIT App:

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App (free, for iPhone) helps you squeeze some exercise into your day at an intensity level that's right for you. All you need is seven minutes, or about 11 if you add a warm-up and cool down, and a chair.

For Smart Watches:

Zones for Training:

It’s a perfect companion for the Apple Watch, which has a first-rate heart rate monitor built in. Zones for Training carefully monitors your resting and active heart rate, then provides parameters to determine when you’re burning fat and when you’ve reached your peak activity level, so you can stay in the fat burning phase or push yourself.


The Apple watch app Lifesum offers most of its features for free. However, if you go for the $3 monthly subscription, you’ll receive additional nutrition advice and diet recommendations, personalized for you and your diet goals.


My Fitness Pal is available in any platform in phones as well as in watches.Through your phone or your wearable, MyFitnessPal lets you see how many calories you’ve consumed and compares that total to the amount you’ve burned through exercise. The app can even break down your nutrient intake into carbohydrates, fat, protein, and so on. A quick glance at your wrist can thus give you a detailed look at your diet for the day.


The app works to keep a record weight on track and to lifting your weight on demand. SmartGym is a great resistance training programming tool.

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