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Extreme Brutality--UP Police Buried the Body of a Gang-Raped Dalit Girl after Barricading her Parents inside Home; Video

The body of a Dalit girl who got gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh has been burned by UP police objecting her parent's protest. The UP police unilaterally took over the body and buried it after locking the family members of the girl inside the house. The body was reportedly cremated in the presence of the Superintendent of Police, District Magistrate and Joint Magistrate under heavy police guard. Police did not allow the parents to see their daughter for the last time or to perform funeral rites. Transferred to the police ignored the protest and opposition of family members of the dead body to the cemetery. Relatives tried to block the police action but to no avail.

The body of a 20 - year - old girl was brought to her hometown of Hathras around 3 am on Wednesday amid growing protests in Delhi against the sexual assaults on the girls , including over the death of a girl. Reports also point out that the culture did not take any kind of humanitarian action against the girl who was brutally tortured. Scenes of the funeral, police action and protests by locals have also surfaced.

Many tried to stop Ambulance at several places. The body was brought to Hathras from Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and was cremated at 2.45 am on Wednesday. Parents were repeated requests to take the girl's body home, UP police refused. Locals gathered in front of the ambulance and protested, saying the girl's body could not be cremated by force. However, the police set up barricades to evacuate the victims.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, among others, have come out with strong criticism of the government's move.

'Hathras victim was first brutally raped by some men and yesterday the whole system brutally tortured her. The whole incident is very painful. ' Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also condemned the manner in which the body was cremated. An Indian girl has been raped and mauled. The facts are suppressed, and finally her family's right to a funeral is taken away. This is abusive and unfair. ' Rahul Gandhi said.

Priyanka Gandhi also demanded the resignation of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Priyanka alleged that the girl's father had usurped her right to take her daughter home for the last time and perform her last rites.

The body of the woman, who died while undergoing treatment at Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital, was handed over to her family members around 10.10 pm on Friday. Earlier, the girl's father and brother protested in front of the hospital, alleging that the body had been taken away without their permission. They were later joined by Congress and Bhim Army activists. As the number of protesters in front of Safdarjung Hospital increased, security was tightened.

The girl was gang-raped on the 14th of this month. She was raped by four men when she went to the field to cut grass with her mother. The girl had a serious cut on her tongue between her own teeth when she was strangled for trying to resist rape. Both legs were completely paralyzed. The mobility of the hands was partially lost. The girl then was on a ventilator at the Medical College Hospital, was transferred to Safdarjung on Monday, where she died on September 29 .

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