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Countdowns on for the Face to Face Debate of Two Candidates

Trump and Biden coming face to face debate on Tuesday .The first candidate debate as part of the US presidential election will going to take place Case Western Reserve University .The democratic debate that has been going on for six decades will remain unchanged even during the epidemic.

Peter Eyre, a senior adviser for the Commission on Presidential Debates, said the candidates also won't exchange handshakes with the moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Candidate debate also paves the way for non-partisan voters to decide who is qualified to lead the country. Both candidates will present their views on various issues live in front of television cameras. This includes mutual criticism, questioning and interference.

The debate will be a real treat to the entire Americans. The size of the audience will be limited and everyone attending the debate at Case Western Reserve University will undergo testing for Covid-19 and follow other health safety protocols.

Trump has leveled harsh criticism on his opponent, accusing Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs, questioning his mental acuity and repeatedly attacking his son Hunter Biden. 

Biden has insisted he can meet the challenge, telling supporters at a virtual fundraiser on Sept. 10 that he knows "how to handle bullies." 

The first debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960 was watched by 70 million people. Debates, which were born of mistakes and controversy, changed the political future of many candidates.

The debate between  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the worst debate in history. Donald Trump, who enumerated the abuses of Hillary's husband and former president Bill Clinton, even announced that he would imprison Hillary if he came to power. Hillary Clinton failed to win all three debates.

In 1984, rival and 59-year-old Walter Mondale tried to highlight the age of 73-year-old Ronald Reagan. Reagan's reply was that I do not care about the opponent's youth or inexperience. Eventually, the people decided that Reagan should remain in the White House.

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