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BLM Portland Protests- New Video Shows Protesters Burning a Blue Flag by Shouting "Blue Lives Splatter"

 Protesters in Portland have resumed their riots over the police brutality on Friday and began to sound against the racism. Portland protests were started since the death of George Floyd, a black man by the police brutality. After 104 days of unrest protests the riots were paused due to the massive wildfire which left the worst air quality. Friday night a number of  protesters gathered in South Portland  to resume demonstrations. At least eleven people were arrested during the protests. 

The protests now turned to a wide anger range as BLM-antifa rioters are marching around downtown Portland. 

According to the new videos erupted in Twitter, the BLM rioters are smashing up the Starbucks, by breaking the window glasses. 

BLM protesters in Portland took over the street outside the central police precinct after smashing up businesses. They’ve blocked the road for hours. 

In another video shows they are burning a blue flag by shouting Blue Lives Splatter.

The protests are in question for the justice from the police brutality after Floyd's death, even though the protests weighed after the death of  a Trump supporter by an antifa man during a pro Trump rally in Portland on August 29.The killer died during the time of arrest by the police.

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