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A Minnesota Man Arrested after 'Fatal Shooting' on Wife and 2 Black Women Neighbors

A Minnesota Man Arrested after 'Fatal Shooting' on Wife and 2 Black Women Neighbors

A Minnesota man has been arrested reportedly fatally shot his wife Angela Lynn over their lack of sex before opening fire on his neighbors.

48-year-old Jason Michael Mesich has been arrested for murdering his wife, then shooting his Black women neighbors, 12-year-old Makayla and her 29-year-old sister Canisha. Makayla was shot in the head, while Canisha was shot several times in her leg and hip, according to the reports. Makayla was holding Canisha’s 1-year-old daughter while the shots rang out, and used her body to shield the infant from gunfire, the newspaper reported.

 Makayla was shot in the head and remains in critical condition. Canisha has been stabilized. The women were in their driveway packing a car when they heard popping sounds says their aunt Rev. Marcia Westbrook:

Mesich allegedly began his spree just before 11 p.m., shooting his wife in the neck and torso before training his weapon on neighbors Makayla Saulter-Outlaw, 12,  and her sister, Canisha Saulter, 29, who were outside loading a moving truck at the time, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

Mesich reportedly told investigators he grabbed his gun after he and his wife had an argument over a lack of sex, according to WCCO.

He allegedly admitted to shooting his partner and when asked about his injured neighbors, he told investigators “he hated all children.”

Police estimate Mesich fired off 40 rounds during the police standoff and that they found a cache of several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition inside his home.

When police arrived Mesich had holed up in his basement where he fired approximately 40 shots at police before inexplicably being taken alive and put in jail. The dead body of his wife was found in the garage.

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