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A Mexican Journalist Found Beheaded on a Railway Track

The body of a beheaded journalist was found on a railroad track in Mexico.The body was found on a railroad track in the mountains of the municipality of Tesonapa in eastern Mexico, where tensions are high. The bike was also found along with the body.

The newspaper El Mundo in the city of Cordoba said the body of reporter Julio Valdivia was found near his motorcycle on railroad tracks in the town of Motzorongo.

Valdivia, who covered a rural zone near the border with Oaxaca state that has long been plagued by gang violence, was at least the sixth journalist to be killed in Mexico this year.

The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned the “terrible events” and issued an “urgent call” for authorities to identify those responsible.

Mexico is one of the most threatened countries by journalists. More than 100 journalists have lost their lives there since 2000. Julio Valdivia is the fifth journalist to be killed in Mexico this year, according to media Watch Dog Without Borders. The body of a 41-year-old man was found near a motorcycle on the railway tracks in the town of  Motzorongo.

His newspaper had reported a clash between police and suspected criminals the previous day. Ana Laura Perez of the State Commission for the Protection of Journalists, a government organization, said Valdivia operated in a complex area with criminal groups. Veracruz State Defense Minister and Chief of Police Hugo Guterres condemned the killing and promised to use all resources to find those responsible. Police said they have launched an investigation into the case.

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