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100 Days of Portland Riots- Molotov Cocktails thrown Form Fire; One Man Catches Fire

100 Days of Portland Riots- Molotov Cocktails thrown Form Fire; One Man Catches Fire

Portland marked the 100 days of Black Lives Matter since the death of George Floyd and hundreds of people gathered for Black Lives Matter rallies and marches Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, as often violent nightly demonstration against police violence and anti-Black racism.

Fresh round of clashes erupted in Rochester, earlier Saturday as demonstrators march to protest against the death of Daniel Prude after heartbreaking attack of police officers.

Police blocked the demonstrators from marching to a Southeast Portland police precinct Saturday night, then quickly declared the gathering a riot after people threw at least three incendiary devices toward officers.

Molotov cocktails thrown in the street during a march sparked a large fire and prompted police to declare a riot. Police used tear gas for the first time in September and arrested several people. The clashes played out for hours in the neighborhoods surrounding Ventura Park.

 Video posted online appeared to show tear gas being deployed to clear protesters from what police said was an non-permitted demonstration. Arrests were made, but it wasn't immediately clear how many.

At least one community member was injured, police said. People were “engaging in tumultuous and violent conduct thereby intentionally or recklessly creating a grave risk of causing public alarm,” the department tweeted. “Fire bombs were thrown at officers.”

After what appears to be a Molotov cocktail is thrown, a man briefly catches on fire at a protest in SE Portland. The fire caught on his shoes and pants and the bystanders are trying to turn off the fire.

Protesters, most wearing black, had gathered around sunset Saturday at a grassy park in the city. Wooden shields were placed on the grass for protesters to use as protection.

Families showed up at the event with their kids, lining up for the free BBQ and picnicking on the grass at Esther Short Park. As various speakers addressed the audience on stage, attendees waved their flags enthusiastically, occasionally breaking out into chants of “U-S-A!”

Many of the crowd were President Donald Trump supporters, wearing MAGA hats and shirts or holding Trump-Pence flags. Some also waved flags and wore T-shirts showing support for the police.

The crowded regularly erupted in boos with any mention of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, whom Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson demanded apologize to Danielson’s family because they felt he had been unfairly portrayed.

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