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Warning: A Rare 'Incredible' Amount of Lightning Hit in Bay Area; will Continue until Monday

Bay Area Lightning 

A rare August severe storm system rolled through the San Francisco Bay Area early Sunday. An INCREDIBLE amount of lightning moving into the Bay Area. Nearly 200 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes! In the meantime, The Bay Area is bracing for another day of intense, record-breaking heat after more rolling power outages affect hundreds of thousands of people.

At one point early Sunday morning, more than 200 lightning strikes occurred in less than 30 minutes across the Bay Area. Wind close to 50 miles per hour were seen as these storms rolled through.

A Red Flag Warning has been issued until 11 a.m. Monday for the threat of new wildfires starting because of these frequent lightning strikes.

“Any lightning strikes will likely lead to new fire starts given the current heat wave,” forecasters warned. “A secondary pulse of moisture and instability arrives later Sunday into early Monday.”

Lightning strikes started Saturday in San Luis Obispo, moving up overnight. There's moisture associated with this, not just dry lightning.

The National Weather Service said wind gusts generated by the fast-moving system were being clocked as high as 66 mph. NWS Forecasters reported gusts of 66 mph on Atlas Peak, 65 mph at Hawkeye, 48 mph at St. St Helena, 45 mph on Mt. Tam and 42 mph on Mt Diablo.

“The cluster of severe thunderstorms are generating extremely strong erratic wind gusts which can cause downed trees, power lines, and other structural damage as well as difficulty driving,” NWS forecasters tweeted.

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