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US Coronavirus Updates: US Corona cases Hit 5 Million

The US crossed 5 million cases of coronavirus early Sunday, the most shocking reports ever.
Among the global coronavirus affected countries, US has long been at the first place in the coronavirus cases. Of the country's 5,000,603 estimated cases, 162,441 have been deadly, according to data collected by John Hopkins University.

The pandemic shows no sign of slowing, and health officials have urged the use of face masks in public places and pleaded with residents to avoid social gatherings until the spread is under control.
As of this week, five states account for more than 40% of US infections: California (with the most cases in the country), Florida, Texas, New York and Georgia.
New York, once the country's epicenter, has been surpassed by several states that have seen cases spikes in recent months. The state now reports a positivity rate -- how many people are testing positive compared to how many were tested -- of about 0.93%, according to the governor's office.
California, reporting more than 7,000 cases Saturday for a total of more than 545,000, had a positivity rate of about 6% over the past two weeks, according to health officials. Hospitalizations across the state are dropping, and there are about 5,746 hospitalized patients -- down more than 1,000 from two weeks ago.

In Texas, the governor extended his disaster declaration as the state reported its highest seven-day positivity rate: 19.41%. The previous high, 17.43%, was recorded around mid-July. More than 481,000 infections have been reported statewide and about 7,872 people remain in hospitals

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