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Riots in Malmo in Sweden after a Video of Stram Kurs Member 'Burning Holy Quran' Goes Viral

Riots in Malmo in Sweden after a Video of Stram Kurs Member 'Burning Holy Quran' Goes Viral

The city of Malmo in Sweden was covered in dense smoke with rioters gathering in large numbers,  after a video of the burning of the Quran went viral and riots broke out.

In a viral video, a member of the ‘Stram Kurs’ group could be seen setting spraying gasoline over a copy of the Quran and then setting the book on fire during the day. The man was then seen pointing towards the burnt Quran and condemning Islam in Swedish.

300 right-wing activists gathered in Malmo city and burnt the Holy Book of the Muslim 'Quran'. After this, the workers threw stones at the police and set the car tires on fire. The pictures of the demonstration released show the tires being burnt on the road and a great gust of smoke rising above Malmö in the south of the Scandinavian country.

The burning of the Quran was a part of an anti-Islam protest which took place in the city, following the arrest of one Rasmus Paludan. He is the leader of a Danish anti-immigration political party ‘Hard-Line’ and was supposed to hold a meeting in the city.

Authorities have informed that Paludanone had been banned from Sweden for two years due to concerns about him breaking the Swedish law. As such, he was stopped at the border and was denied entry into Malmo. Last year, Paludan had set a Quran on fire after wrapping the book with a piece of bacon.

In response, Paludan had put up a post on Facebook that read, “Sent back and banned from Sweden for two years. However, rapists and murderers are always welcome!” Reportedly, Paludan was supposed to take part in an anti-Muslim rally and had earlier urged his supporters to burn the Quran.

His arrest had sparked outrage among his supporters who then went ahead with the rally and set a copy of the Quran ablaze. Besides, three men were seen kicking the Quran around a public square during the day.

However, by night, an angry Muslim mob hit the streets and shouted chants of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ while setting tyres on fire. The Swedish police have arrested three people for burning the Quran and promoting ‘racial hatred.’

Huge fire had engulfed the forest around Malmo in Sweden, a group of musIims formed human chain to prevent the fire from entering the city and thereby saved trillions of lives.

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