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'OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!!' --Trump Pushing Reopening of Schools amid Coronavirus Surge

OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!! --Trump Pushing Reopening of Schools amid Coronavirus Surge

Donald Trump tweets about reopening schools and forcing children to the schools despite taking careful decisions on his little ones, should think, US is still taking the first seat of the virus affected countries among the world. Alas for Donald, young Barron’s school — St. Andrew’s Episcopal, which charges $42,190 for a year of middle school — remains closed for the fall. Barron will have to learn at home, shut up in the White House while his father rages on Twitter.

While the president strives to pretend that COVID-19 is going away, claiming that recent outbreaks are merely the result of higher testing rates, evidence does not exactly support his point of view. Parents can’t get back to work if they’re saddled with child-care duties, and a lingering recession won’t help his chances of reelection. But Trump’s tweets rarely make good policy. Opening schools on a pre-pandemic schedule could still backfire in ways that are damaging for Trump and dangerous, if not fatal, for others.

Health officials in Tennessee reported late last week that 97 percent of all counties had moved “above the threshold” for acceptable rates of viral transmission, which could signal an imminent statewide outbreak of disease. Despite this, some schools are already back in session. Schools in Alcoa, Tennessee, reopened on a staggered schedule in July; since then, five people connected to the small school system have tested positive for the virus.

In other states, children and people who work with them have reported even larger outbreaks. A day after teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia, returned to school for pre-planning sessions, 260 school employees “had been excluded from work due to a positive case or contact with a case,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

May the lower risks to children will be as the reason of shut down of schools and all other firms early  which, might be reduce the transmission to the little ones. The risk that classes will lead to an outbreak of COVID-19 isn’t distributed equally across all communities or age groups. In areas with low rates of transmission, kids may be able to go back to school in relative safety, at least for a few days a week. 

Older children may also spread the virus more easily than younger children, recent research suggests. But opening school for any level of in-person instruction gives adults a chance to spread the virus to each other, and to their students.

Trump's strategical mind Trump might not believe that’s a real risk, or is at least pretending he doesn’t think so, in order to bolster his shuddering presidency, but he can’t control COVID-19’s biology. The virus is highly contagious, and a risky reopening strategy will inevitably make people sick.

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