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New Zealand Coronavirus: Winson Peters Calls for Postponement of Election

New Zealand:  Winson Peters Calls for Postponement of Election

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has said next month’s general election should be postponed because of the country’s new outbreak of coronavirus. Winston Peters wants the election delayed, saying there is now no ability to conduct a free and fair election on September 19.

He has written to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and asked her to delay the general election to November 21.

It comes as there are 13 new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand - 12 in the community and one in isolation. And New Zealanders were today given a strong warning not to trust unverified information they may read on social media.

Winston Peters, who heads a junior coalition party, said the outbreak compromises the holding of a free and fair poll.

His intervention puts additional pressure on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She is expected to make an annoucement on the election plans on Monday morning.

The opposition National Party has said it would back a postponement.

A second lockdown was declared last week after four new cases were discovered in the city of Auckland, just after New Zealand had celebrated 100 days of being Covid free.

Thirteen new cases were reported on Sunday, bringing the total number to 69.

Critics have blamed problems in border controls and security at quarantine hotels, where people are alleged to have escaped regularly, paying visits to supermarkets and liquor stores.

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