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Katt Williams Summarizes the 'Problem Facing America 2020' in his One Man Show

Katt Williams Summarizes the 'Problem Facing America 2020 in his One Man Show

Supreme has released a new video starring legendary comedian Katt Williams, Ahead of the Fall/Winter 2020 season. Sporting a Tekashi 6ix9ine-esque rainbow hairdo, a crisp box logo t-shirt and a two-piece suit with a barbed wire print, the nearly seven minute-long clip sees Williams spout a thoughtful and humorous monologue on current events.

William starts with throwing his humour bits as addressing the audience "Thank you Everyone and No one" , the 'one man show' made the viewers a full sit until the end. The legendary comedian hold nothing back when it comes to addressing the problems facing America in 2020 in the clip. 

Williams sparking ironies on US President Donald Trump, saying that a “perfectly suitable clown” is running the free world, specifically picking at the former reality TV star’s comments on ingesting bleach. Williams then shouts out Black Lives Matter, encouraging everyone watching the video to “say it out loud, because it’s a fact.”

Further criticizing Donald Trump, he points out the absurdity of when Trump suggested injecting bleach could help coronavirus patients.

Williams becomes emotional discussing the the civil unrest that’s swept the country in recent months after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. He goes on to discuss New York City and its hidden secrets — namely Hart Island. 

The comedian also encourages mask-wearing to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus before touching on racial equality one final time and saying he “kept most of the jokes in quarantine if [the viewer] was looking for some laughs.” The set is finalized by Williams saying he’s “already done more than an elected official” for a final shot at President Trump before leaving the spotlight.

He also stressed that this isn't the first time America has faced a pandemic, noting that AIDS in the '90s "filled up" Hart Island in the Bronx, an island used for mass burials of disease victims and unclaimed bodies. "It's an airborne virus, folks... If you breathe air, put on a mask," he says, before once again shifting focus to police brutality.

"Because we can all agree breathing is important, we can all agree that you putting your knee on a man's neck for eight minutes ... It's just murder," he continues. "It's just televised murder. ... I'm not gonna hide in a bunker, I'm on the front line with you." He did, however, say that he feels he's in a position to tell people to vote. "If you can't make a choice, go ahead and put my name on there," he jokes. 

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