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Here is the 10 Coronavirus Free Countries

Here is the 10 Coronavirus Free Countries
Palau Beach

Coronavirus has conquered almost every country in the world. There are ten countries that stand tall without even a single patient as the world is filled with epidemics. There is not a single Covid patient in these countries on the Pacific island. However, the global crisis exacerbated by the Corona crisis has spread to other parts of the world. Tourism is the main source of income for most of these countries, including the beautiful beaches.

1. Palau

2. Micronesia

3. Marshall Islands

4. Nauru

5. Kiribati

6. Solomon Islands

7. Tuvalu

8. Samoa

9. Vanuatu

10. Tonga

 The list is compiled by all the member states of the United Nations.

All of these islands, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, are in dire financial straits. Marshall Island also had no patients, but revenue fell without visitors. The hotel room, which used to be mostly visited by tourists from Asia, has now dropped from 90 per cent to 5 per cent. It is estimated that 700 people will lose their jobs in the worst crisis since 1997. The total population is 58,400.

Here is How they Became Corona Free


Palau has a total population of 18,000. Which is becoming a major source of tourism. However, the border has been closed since March last year due to the Covid threat, with the restriction on tourists, not a single person has been caught by Covid 19 so far. Despite the successful prevention of the disease, Palau's relationship, which generates about 50 percent of its revenue from tourism, is in disarray. Lodges are closed, restaurants are empty, and shops selling handicrafts are closed. Palau Hotel Manager Brian Lee says 80 percent of the rooms were booked before Covid, but now all the rooms are empty.


Micronesia was quick to implement travel bans in early February, including entire travel bans for those travelling from China and Chinese citizens. 


On 21st March, it was reported that the only international flight connection with the Marshall Islands ceased service temporarily for at least 3 weeks. 


Nauru, a country so small , has also managed to stay coronavirus-free. Along with Tuvalu, it holds the record for being one of the least visited countries in the world. 


There are no cases in Kiribati, but a state of public emergency has been declared. From 30th March, schools closed for 2 weeks. 


Since early February, like many Pacific Island countries, the Solomon Islands required a medical certificate to allow entry. Travellers who enter from infected countries required 14-day quarantine. 


Often known as one of, if not the, least visited country in the world, Tuvalu sees fewer than 200 tourists per year. This has probably been a massive help in preventing an outbreak in this country with a very small population. 


Here is the 10 Coronavirus Free Countries
Samoa Island

Samoa has been on lockdown since 25th March.


At the same time, Covid 19 has not created a significant crisis in Vanuatu, which has a population of 300,000. This is because 80 percent of the population lives outside the towns. Most of them depend on other means of livelihood besides tourism. "The attitude of the people is that the borders should be closed as much as possible and there should be no disease," said Dr. Vanuatu, director of public health. Says Len Tarivon.


Tonga has been strict with travel rules since February. 

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