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Firefighters Battling the '3- Alarm Fire' Burning at Ploy America Plastic Plant in North Texas

 stands, firefighters are working in a defensive mode to battling the 3-alarm fire has been burning at the Poly-America manufacturing plant in the 2000 block of West Marshall Drive, west of the Highway 161/George Bush Turnpike near the Lockheed Martin plant  1 a.m. Wednesday morning, Officials said.

As it During a briefing Grand Prairie Assistant Fire Chief Bill Murphy said, “The call came in right at midnight. From what we understand right now — you can see behind me there are high-tension power lines, with the towers — evidently one of the power lines fell down. All of their storage there at Poly-America, for their rolled plastic, is underneath those towers so it ignited the plastic rolls. It just spread to all the inventory that they have back there.”

Fire officials say logistically it is very difficult to get the area where the fire is burning. Grand Prairie Fire also needs more of the foam used for fire suppression. They have reached out to airports in the area and say a Dallas Fort Worth International Airport crash fire truck is already at the scene.

While the Grand Prairie Fire Department is busy battling the blaze at Poly-America, fire crews from Irving, Dallas and Cedar Hill are manning the stations in the city.

The fire is being fueled because the facility manufactures polyethylene and petroleum-based items like kitchen trash bags, drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and vapor barrier film.

There have been no reports of injuries and no evacuations have been made. But officials are saying people with underlying medical conditions should take special care. Assistant Chief Murphy said, “Anybody with any breathing problems, any asthmatics, I mean it is the combustion from plastic so it’s not good to breathe.”

Highway 161/President George Bush Turnpike was closed for hours, because the high-tension power lines in danger run over the roadway, but officials say the turnpike has been reopened.

Individuals with compromised systems should avoid the area or self-evacuate if needed. Local and state environmental teams are the the scene, testing the air quality for any potential smoke impact.

Fire and smoke could be seen from miles away, and explosions can be heard from the building as it continues to burn..

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