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Estepona Fire Update- Fire is now Controlled; 30 Homes Forced to Eviction

The Estepona fire is perimetered and controlled, pending evolution until its extinction. 

It has burnt down the Laguna Village shopping centre, affected the Kempinski hotel and forced the eviction of some 30 homes. 

The flame have done a lots of damage to many business .

The blaze, which started at 1.45pm today affected a beach club which is a favourite with Brit holidaymakers called Purobeach at upmarket commercial centre Laguna Village near Estepona.

Plumes of black smoke rising high into the air from the scene could be seen as far away as Marbella nearly 20 miles east along the coast.

A spokesman for a regional government-run emergency services coordinator confirmed: 'Level One of the Emergency Forest Fire plan has been activated because of a fire in Estepona.'  

There are no personal damages.

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