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Coronavirus- One of Brazil's Leading indigenous Leaders Aritana Yawalapiti Dies of Covid-19

One of Brazil’s leading indigenous leaders, Chief Aritana Yawalapiti, leader of the Upper Xingu, died on Wednesday of Covid-19, hisfamily said.

Aritana, 71, a chief of the Yawalapiti people in the Amazon, was known for fighting to protect the world's biggest rainforest and the rights of the indigenous peoples who live there.

"My heart is in pieces, bleeding," Kaiulu Yawalapiti said. 

Aritana was admitted to an intensive care unit on July 22 after suffering from severe breathing problems. He was 71. 

Aritana was one of the most prominent leaders in the Xingu park, the first indigenous territory to be recognized by the Brazilian government in 1968. He fought for the safety and health of the Upper Xingu for many years. 

"He could no longer breathe on his own, his lungs were severely damaged so we had to transfer him to a hospital," his son, Tapi Yawalapiti,  CNN reported when he was in ICU on July 22. 

“Covid-19 spreads very fast, the whole community is sick, children, the young, the elderly. We are being neglected by the Brazilian government, they are not helping us enough and it seems that they want to decimate us," Yawalapiti told CNN on July 22. 

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