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Coronavirus: England's Contact Tracing App Trial Gets Under Way

NHS Contact Tracing App

The false positive results of coronavirus is being overwhelming the peopleand here is new solution to this problem. England's new contact tracing app trial gets under way,The software will tell users to self-isolate for a fortnight if the app detects they have been close to someone else diagnosed with the virus.

Officials are concerned about people going into quarantine as a consequence.

The Isle of Wight will be involved again, along with one other area and a volunteer group. The government intends to launch the experiment without much fanfare, because it is still not clear when a formal national rollout will occur.

The idea behind the app is to use people's phones to log when they have been close to another person for so long, that there is a high risk of contagion.

The Features included Are:

  • If one user is later diagnosed with the disease, the other person can be alerted to the fact before they begin exhibiting symptoms.
  • In addition, users will also be asked to scan a QR barcode when they enter a property, to provide a means to later alert them to the fact that they visited a location linked to multiple infections.
  • A symptom-checking tool, which allows users to book a free test and get the results via the app
  • A countdown function that comes into effect if they are told to self-isolate, so users can keep track of how long to stay at home

It initially works in five languages, with plans to add more soon.

It will be limited to residents in the Isle of Wight, the London Borough of Newham and NHS volunteer responders to begin with.

The app will be available in Apple and Google's online stores, but users will need to enter a code to activate it.

Part of the problem is that Apple and Google refuse to share the raw Bluetooth signal data involved. But the two firms will shortly release a new version of their tool that should improve matters.

Baroness Dido Harding - who heads up the wider Test and Trace programme - cancelled an earlier trial on the Isle of Wight in June.

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