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Coronavirus- At Least 5 infected after Attending 'Mini-prom' in Illinois--Health Officials Warns more Explosure

 At least five people were infected with coronavirus after attending a non-school-sanctioned "mini-prom" in southeastern Illinois, officials said Friday.

Wabash County health officials want to find anyone who attended the Aug. 4 event in Mount Carmel, which is about 150 miles east of St. Louis and 130 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky.

The Wabash County Health Department asked the public in a Facebook post to get in touch if they were at the August 4 event and have been experiencing coronavirus symptoms including fever, loss of taste or smell, a cough, shortness of breath or a sore throat.

In addition to the five infected so far, another 40 people with close contact to them have gone into quarantine, Wabash County Health Department Administrator Judy Wissel, NBC reported.

Under state guidelines, as many as 50 people can gather inside as long as they can safely socially distance. But "none of the pictures we've seen, were there face masks on," Wissel said.

The "mini-prom" goers were from Mt. Carmel High School. They threw the party in place of their traditional end-of-year formal, which was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Wissel.

"It was just a sub-group of kids who got together to have a prom," she said. "I'm not sure if parents had a role or helped it at all make it come together."

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