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Car Bomb Explosion: At least 16 killed, 43 injured in blast at Mogadishu hotel

Car Bomb Explosion: At least 16 killed, 43 injured in blast at Mogadishu hotel

 At least 16 people were killed in an attack on Sunday by the Islamist group al Shabaab following a car bomb explosion on a seaside hotel in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, according to government spokesman Ismail Mukhtar Omar.

The toll includes 11 victims and five assailants, Omar said in a Tweet late on Sunday.

“Security forces lost one, 18 people were injured,” Omar said.

Dr Abdikadir Abdirahman, director of AAMIN ambulance services, on Monday they had transported to hospitals at least 43 people injured in the attack.

Militants stormed the high-end Elite Hotel in Lido beach, detonated a car bomb and then opened fire with assault rifles, the latest attack by al Shabaab, which has been battling the country’s central government since 2008.

The hotel is owned by Abdullahi Mohamed Nor, a lawmaker and former finance minister, and is frequented by government officials and members of the Somali diaspora.

Al Shabaab has also carried out attacks in neighbouring Kenya and Uganda as revenge for their military deployments in Somalia as part of a regional peace keeping mission.

Ismael Mukhtar Omar, the government spokesman, said four civilians and a director in the ministry of information were among those killed by the terrorists who rammed a car bomb into the Elite Hotel in Liido Beach before storming inside the popular facility.

He said the attackers entered the Elite hotel after setting off a car bomb outside the hotel entrance. The hotel is one of the newly built upscale beachside hotels frequented by young people and the city’s elite.

Omar said the attackers are holed up on the fifth floor of the hotel and have been restrained from the floor.

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