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Breaking---Laguna Village on Fire on spain Costa del Sol; Hundreds of Homes Evacuated; Petrol Station is on Explosion Threat

 Laguna Village is blazing on fire on Spain’s Costa del Sol and  level one emergency is declared by Junta at 3.20 pm.

Afire truck and 30 firefighters are on the seen to battling the blaze.

Hills are on fire and it's spread to fields beside motorway. Most of stores and buildings are set on fire.

The fire is spreading widely and now the focus has turned also to a nearby petrol station that is a danger of exploding.

Hundreds of homes are currently being evacuated in what’s looking like one of the largest fires for a while on the Costa del Sol.

High winds are ensuring the fire is spreading fast and the battle goes on currently to try and contain the situation.

No injuries reported yet.

The A7 that is a main arterial road in the Costa del Sol is now closed to all traffic in both directions with visibility extremely low due to smoke and ask.

This fire is occurring just a week after the Sisu Hotel in Puerto Banus caught fire killing one person and injuring many more.

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