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Beirut Explosion- Another Video of Beirut Bride Goes Viral in Social Media

Another video of the Beirut bride is now going viral in social media, the couple were posing for the snaps of their most happiness moments,  while the blast occurred. The video showing the terrible faces of the couple while hearing the loud sound and they scooted soon.

Footage captured by a Beirut photographer shows the moment the newlyweds were knocked over by the horrific explosion that destroyed half of Lebanon’s capital on Tuesday (local time).

Ibrahim Kitmitto posted the heart-stopping video - which begins with the happy couple posing outside a restaurant in the city’s Saifi neighbourhood.

Suddenly, a look of fear appears in the bride’s eyes - as she seems to notice a strange gust - before the powerful force of the blast hits.

That’s when the windows in the Brassica restaurant behind them shatter, and the couple is flung around by the detonation.

The video then shows the dazed and confused photographer stumbling around amid panicked shouting and the sound of glass falling to the ground.

According to Kitmitto, everyone in the group was thankfully “fine”.

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