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Beirut Blast- Lebanon Announces Two Weeks of State of Emergency

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said a state of emergency should be declared in Beirut for two weeks after a massive explosion in the capital on Tuesday, and called for an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Mr. Aoun, in remarks published on the Presidency Twitter account, said it was “unacceptable” that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stored in a warehouse for six years without safety measures and vowed that those responsible would face the ”harshest punishments”.

Lebanon's powerful Hezbollah movement said all of the country's political powers must to overcome the “painful catastrophe” unite after the massive explosion.

Lebanon has been in a deep crisis since the end of last year - economic, political, and then medical when the pandemic started.

There were people on the streets demanding a revolution until they were forced by Covid-19 to take shelter and get off the streets.

So many Lebanese are saying right now that this tragedy that's happened there, this cataclysm, is the result of a breakdown in a corrupt political system.

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