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Australian Woman jailed for '6 Months' after Breaking Coronavirus Rules

Australian Woman jailed for '6 Months' after Breaking Coronavirus Rules

An Australian court has jailed a woman for six months on Tuesday after breaking coronavirus quarantine laws by sneaking across a state border in a truck.

Asher Faye Vander Sanden, 28, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a direction under Western Australia's Emergency Management Act, local media reported.

Earlier this month strict lockdown measures had imposed in Victoria after surge in infection. At the same time other Australian states have imposed strict border restrictions to stop cases spreading.

Australia has recorded 25,053 total cases of Covid-19 and 525 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Perth Magistrates Court heard that she had an exemption to fly to Western Australia and quarantine in a hotel for 14 days at her own expense. The exemption meant she would have had to have paid the $2,500 on her arrival, Instead she concealed herself at the border with South Australia by hiding in a car that was being transported by the truck.

She was described as 'deceitful and dishonest' by arranging to hide in a car within a truck to go through the border at Eucla on 3 or 4 August.

When she didn't arrive at Perth Airport from a flight from Melbourne, police searched for her. She was then found at her partner's home in Scarborough on 11 August.

Magistrate Andrew Matthews said the offence was 'very serious'.

He said: "The fact you've come from Victoria is specifically concerning given that's really the hotspot for Covid-19 in Australia and your actions really undo what this government in WA Woman Gets Sent To Jail For Her 100th Birthday Celebration.

Vander Sanden's lawyer John Hammond said she had 'self-quarantined' while staying with her partner in Scarborough and did not have any contact with a third party.

Her boyfriend also faced court on Tuesday. Shaun Pilmer was accused of the same charge of failing to comply with a direction, but was granted bail. He's set to reappear in court on 22 September.

Vander Sanden will be eligible for parole after serving three months at Bandyup Women's Prison.

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