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The UAE's First Mars Mission Spacecraft, 'Hope Probe' Launched Successfully

The UAE's First Mars Mission Spacecraft, 'Hope Probe' Launched Successfully

For the first time in history, the world witnessed a countdown in Arabic for a space mission. The UAE's first Mars reconnaissance spacecraft, the Hope Probe, has been successfully launched. The victory started at 1.54 am UAE time from Thane Gashima, Japan. The jump is at an average speed of 121,000 kilometers per hour. The cost of the mission is $ 200 million. Hope Probate Goshi, who was scheduled to launch at 12.21pm on Wednesday. It was postponed due to adverse weather conditions on the island.

The Hope Probe will be launched in February 2021. The Dubai-based satellite arrived in Japan two months ago. Hop's journey is on the M.A.H.A.H.T.A rocket. Climate change by depicting the lower reaches of Mars Hope's goal is to observe and understand the global climate map. Travel. Hope to get full pictures of Mars and Hopi's lineup Sculptors share. The information available will be shared with over 200 space centers around the world.

The main goals of the Hope Probe are:
  • Depicts the low atmosphere of Mars
  • Climate change will be monitored
  • Understand the global climate map
  • The cause of climate change will be investigated
  • Expect full images of Mars
  • The cause of the loss of hydrogen and oxygen will be investigated
  • Dust storms and climate change in various parts of the country will be monitored
  • The information is passed on to more than 200 space centers around the world
  • In 2117, Mars will be ready for human habitation

Six years ago, UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced the arrival of Hopi. The following year, Mohammed bin Rashid established the Space Center. This is where Hopi was made. Hope was able to give life to 450 employees in 55 million hours. It was announced that it would be launched in July or August. But with the unexpected arrival of Kovid, the Arab world became alarmed.

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