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Plague Returns - Two Infected with Plague after Eating 'Marmot Meat'

Two Infected with Plague after Eating Marmot Meat

Two brothers in Mongolia have contracted the deadly Plague disease after reportedly eating Marmot meat. The siblings of aged 27 and 16 believed to have caught the plague disease after hunting and then eating the animal in the country, authorities have said.

Lab tests confirmed that two had contracted the “Marmot plague” in the region of Khovd Mongolia's National Center for Zoonotic Disease (NCZD) said in a statement.

The Ministry of health said earlier this week that the 27 year old patient was in a very severe condition,was being treated with Marmot plague and secondary lung diseases according to preliminary diagnosis. He had multiple organ failure, they added.

Other one was also receiving treatment linked to plague, according to the ministry of health.

The NCZD said it moved to quarantine the provincial capital and one of the region’s districts about 500 kilometres southern Siberian republics of Tyva and Altai. Vehicles are temporarily banned from entering the region.

The NCZD said it has analysed samples of 146 people, identified as the contacts of the two infected persons. Also have identified 504 secondary contacts too. 

Mongolia had the past infections of the plague and had closed a key border crossing with Russia in May 2019 due to the death of husband and wife after eating Marmot meat.

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