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Nancy Pelosi Nicknamed Trump as 'Mr. Makes Matters Worse'

Nancy Pelosi Nicknamed Trump as 'Mr. Makes Matters Worse'

Nancy Pelosi,US House Speaker has gave President Trump a new nickname as, 'Mr. Makes Matters Worse' during a Sunday morning appearance on CBS "Face the Nation".  Pelosi was speaking with host Margaret Brennan about the push for another coronavirus relief bill and accused the White House of standing in the way of Congress at every turn.

Pelosi turned on the president, adding, “The point is this president, I have new name for him, Mr. Make Matters Worse. He has made matters worse from the start. Delay, denial, it’s a hoax, it’s a miracle and the rest.”

Pelosi attacked Republicans for pushing liability insurance for employers, arguing that it left the door open for businesses to refuse to take any precautions to keep their workers safe.

“If you don’t go to work because you’re afraid of being sick and you have that job opportunity you don’t get unemployment insurance, this is so unfair, let’s just get to the heart of it,” Pelosi explained.

Pelosi then pivoted to the subject of education, saying that the best way for children to return to school was to increase funding in order to make sure new ventilation systems and additional teachers were made available in order to lower infection rates — all of which she said would be provided for in House Democrats’ latest bill.

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