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Little Kid Bullied of his FILA Shoes Goes Viral on Twitter ; Talks about the Importance of Knowledge

Twitter Viral of the Little Kid; Talks about the Importance of Knowledge

The video of a little boy, who is talking about the importance of knowledge has gone viral in social medias. The video was shared by the former basketball player Rex Chapman on Twitter with the caption, "Little Man was bullied for wearing Filas. This kid is wise beyond his years (sic)."

The video shows a little boy sitting in a car and sharing his recent experience that he had while playing in the park. He talks about being bullied for wearing Fila shoes. He also says that he made the bullies understand that it was not about the shoes or the clothes that he was wearing, it was about what he had in his head and the knowledge of things that he possessed.

The little boy says, “Ok guys, so I just came from the park and there was this kid teasing me about my Filas. Now mind you, I am not a materialistic person, but I wear Filas because I like the colour, they might not be cool but that’s what I like. So, I told this kid, it’s not about what I have in my feet. It’s about what I have in my head.”
He added, “No matter what I am wearing, no matter what I have on, it’s about the information in my head, the knowledge of the things in life. These sneakers are not even gonna fit you in 20 years from now, but it is about what you have in your mind, your wisdom, the knowledge, the power to inspire others.”

He had a special request for parents as well. He said, “Parents, please don’t raise your kids as the materialistic type because once they don’t have the Jordons on or the cool clothes, they are gonna feel that they are not important.”

Many tweets followed by the video of that little one by appraising him some suggested him as the President of 2020. 

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