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Latin American Covid Death Toll Rises to 150,000; could overtake Europe in Coming Months

Covid death toll rises to 150,000 in Latin America. Covid is expected to intensify in Latin American countries next month. Brazil has the highest number of Covid patients in Latin America. Brazil also has the highest death rate. There are 1,970,909 Covid patients in Brazil. 75,523 people died. Brazil has the second highest number of Covid patients and deaths in the world.

Peru is the only Latin American country with 337,724 patients, followed by Brazil. 12,417 people died. Mexico and Chile are the other Latin American countries where the virus continues to spread.
Currently, more people die in Latin America than in the United States or Canada. Latin America is projected to surpass the total death toll in Europe in the coming months. Brazil accounts for more than half of all deaths in Latin America.

Health systems are relatively weak in most Latin American regions. Slum areas, which are densely populated by ordinary people, pose a challenge to security arrangements, including social distance.  Latin America is Covid's largest hotspot  currently.

Bolivia has the highest number of patients in Santa Cruz and La Paz. In Bolivia, with 52,218 patients, 1,942 died. Covid was confirmed by Bolivia's interim president Jenin Anyes and several cabinet members. Prisons in the country are also under threat of Covid expansion. Twelve prisoners have so far died in various jails.

Ecuador has been in dire straits since the day Covid reported in Latin America. In Ecuador, bodies can be seen lying orphaned on hospital verandas, in front of mortuaries and on the streets. All the hospitals in the country were overcrowded. The government does not even know how many people have been infected or how many have died. Here are the relatives who run to the hospitals to find the bodies of their loved ones. Those who had to rely on cardboard coffins as coffins were not available for cremation. Covid's most feared face was probably the most experienced by the people of Ecuador. Official records show that there are 70,329 cases and 5,158 deaths, but the actual figures are even higher. Covid was devastated in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

In Puerto Rico, where Covid was kept under control until last month, the number of patients has doubled. Many beaches and resorts were closed. The spread of the disease in Puerto Rico has been exacerbated by the fact that people from other countries have not been tested for Covid. Puerto Rico has announced a new law requiring foreign nationals to stay in quarantine. In Puerto Rico, with more than 10,000 cases, 171 people have died.

The death toll in Mexico had crossed 36,000. There are more than 317,600 patients. Despite the increase in Covid cases, there is no shortage of attacks by drug mafia groups in Mexico.

More than 5,000 people have died of colic in Colombia and more than 2,000 in Argentina. More than 100 people have died in Venezuela.

Covid control is currently relatively effective in Uruguay and Paraguay. There are currently 3,198 patients in Paraguay. 25 people died. In Uruguay, 1,009 people have been diagnosed with the disease. Thirty-one people were killed.

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