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Japan Flood- 15 Deaths and 9 Missing in Heavy Rain

Japan Flood- 15 Deaths and 9 Missing in Heavy Rain
Japan Flood- 15 Deaths and 9 Missing in Heavy Rain

Heavy rain have brought about 15 feared deaths and 9 missing in The southwestern Japan due to massive flooding.Of the 15 found showing no vital signs, 14 were at a nursing home in Kumamoto in Kumamoto, near a river that overflowed.

“Torrential rain in the Southwestern Japan prefecture of Kumamoto triggered massive flooding on Saturday, leaving 15 people feared dead and nine others missing,” the prefectural government said, as the weather agency warned of downpours to continue.

Around 203,200 residents were asked to take shelter in Kumamoto Prefecture and neighboring Kagoshima Prefecture, with 109 shelters opened in 17 municipalities in Kumamoto housing at least 871 evacuees.

PM Shinzo Abe ordered 10,000 troops to be deployed, after rescue services were  calls for help. Mr Abe said heavy rain was predicted to continue until Sunday and urged people to be on “maximum alert.”

Kumamoto’s governor, Ikuo Kabasha, told reporters the victims at the nursing home had been found “in cardio/ respiratory arrest” a term used in Japan before a doctor officially certifies death.

Mr Abe said “there is information of people who may have fallen victim to landslides”.

A rain front that brought the downpour to Kumamoto and Kagoshima as well as Miyazaki Prefecture bordering them is expected to straddle western and eastern Japan areas through Sunday, the weather agency said, warning of heavy rain particularly in parts of Western Japan.

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