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Fossils of 115 -million -year old of Dinosaurs Found in Brazil

T-Rex Dinosaur

A team of Brazilian scientists announced on Friday the discovery of a 115- million - year - old fossil belonging to a previously unknown species of dinosaurs in the northeastern state of Cesar, Brazil.

According to paleontologist Juliana Sayao, the fossil of the animal, who apparently died young, indicated it already weighed around 34.25 kilos and was 3.12 meters in height. The fossil indicates that the species stemmed from a line of dinosaurs even more ancient in origin than the one that was said to have given rise to the T-Rex. The carnivores were dubbed "Aratasaurus museunacionali."

The "Aratasaurus museunacionali" is a previously unknown species of the medium-sized theropods, meaning it had hollow bones and three-toed limbs.

Sayao said the discovery of the Aratasaurus will help scientists better understand the evolutionary history of the carnivorous theropods and that the discovery is also a sign that other types of carnivorous dinosaurs inhabited the region millions of years ago.

"Within theropods, we discovered that Aratasaurus is part of a group called Coelurosauria, which includes both the Brazilian dinosaur found in the same region known as Santanaraptor, and the famous Tyrannosaurus and velociraptors, and even the birds that we know today," said the paleontologist.

The fossil was presented on Friday by the group of scientists from the Federal University of Pernambuco, the National UFRJ Museum and the Regional University of Cariri to the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's oldest scientific institution.

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