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'Flippy -a burger grilling robot' is ready now in White Castle as an 'automated kitchen assistant'

White Castle is introducing a burger-grilling robot named Flippy

White Castle is introducing a burger-grilling robot named Flippy, as name suggests one who flip the burgers and it might flip the entire restaurant industry.White Castle is betting that this newest variation will reduce the amount of time spent on tasks such as grilling and frying.

On Wednesday the privately held restaurant chain announced a partnership with the Pasadena, California-based startup Miso Robotics to introduce Flippy, an automated kitchen assistant, at one of its Chicago-area restaurants in September.

"We are thrilled to bring the future into our kitchen with solutions that will transform the industry and make the White Castle experience all that it can be for generations to come," Lisa Ingram, CEO of White Castle, said in a statement.

An earlier version of Flippy, which uses artificial intelligence to decide when to flip a burger, was tested at Pasadena-based CaliBurger in 2018. 

Flippy's debut in a major fast food chain is renewing questions and concerns about automation in the food industry.

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