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Finally Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederickson Marries - The marriage was postponed Three times due to Coronavirus

The marriage which has been postponed three times following the COVID pandemic and  finally her dreamscomes true today.

 The Danish Prime Minister has finally got married. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederickson's marriage has been postponed three times since the covid epidemic. Frederickson, 42, is married to film director and photographer Bo Tengberg, 50. The wedding took place at a church on Moan Island.

Frederickson shared her wedding photo on Facebook. According to the Danish media, the marriage took place in a small way in private. The Prime Minister's Office has been busy with a number of responsibilities since the covid eruption. As a result, the marriage was postponed three times to several different dates. Frederickson was finally married on Wednesday.

On June 27, 2019, Frederickson became the Prime Minister of Denmark. The marriage was initially postponed as part of the election. The marriage was later postponed as part of the European Union conference and the Covid crisis.

Wearing her hair in a tight bun with a long veil hanging from it, she beamed at Bo, who looked dapper in a navy suit, crisp white shirt and matching tie. 

The happy couple posed for pictures after the reported 40-minute ceremony, before going onto celebrate with guests.

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